Sensing Device

The latest high-performance high-end models and ultra-compact devices are being released one after another by various manufacturers. We deal in optimum mounting materials to support the production of these products. In addition, we offer not only related components but also production equipment that is used in production lines.

Active alignment equipment for camera modules jointly developed with Japan Finetech Co., Ltd. This equipment uses a 6-axis alignment unit to adjust the optical axis of the sensor and lens during assembly of the camera module and secures them using UV irradiation. AA adjustment determines the tilt of the sensor and lens, and corrects the misalignment of the peak positions between the center and periphery of the image. Additional optional functions (black flaw inspection, VCM lens assembly inspection, and LCB lens inspection) can also be done to reduce yield loss and improve operation rates.

Semiconductor sensors used in the digital cameras and camera functions of smartphones. These sensors are used in image sensors to capture images, and are important parts that convert light coming in from the camera lens into electrical signals for data transmission. We also deal in sensor components.

Our Automatic Visual Inspection (AVI) equipment, which utilizes the latest machine vision technology, can be used for scratch inspections of metal plates, optical character recognition (OCR), soldering inspections, and color inspections in addition to other kinds of inspections, and it can also be used for any workpiece shape or inspection item. We propose total solutions that include not only AVI units and software, but also auto handlers.

Compact, power-saving, and inexpensive semiconductor lasers are used in optical disks, multifunction devices, printers, information communication devices, sensors, and pointers. We also deal in semiconductor lasers for displays, processing, and AR/VR/XR, which are emerging as new applications.
We primarily sell lasers manufactured by Sharp Fukuyama Laser Co., Ltd. See here for more details.

Electronic Materials

Display panels are continuing to be developed for a wide range of applications, such as TVs, monitors, PCs, cell phones, VR, and in-vehicle applications. We deal in a wide variety of products such as alignment film, insulating film, resists, spacers, liquid crystal, sealants, etchants, strippers, and developers, which are key materials for display panels.

Semiconductors have become an indispensable part of our lives, and we deal in a variety of materials used in their production process, including release tapes, protective tapes, resists, release liquids, and plating solutions. We also offer proposals of support related to the supply of parts in broadening the framework of our business.

We also deal in chemicals including lithium battery materials, inorganic and organic chemicals, cleaning agents, and additives such as preservatives, antioxidants, acidulants, thickeners, and catalysts. We procure and supply a wide variety of materials both domestically and internationally.

We procure and supply a wide variety of materials, including pharmaceuticals and intermediates, inorganic and organic materials, cleaning agents, and surface treatment chemicals, as well as packaging materials, equipment, and analytical instruments, both domestically and internationally.

We also engage in the reuse business by collecting plastic pallets, foam cases, and other packaging materials, and then inspecting, cleaning, storing, and controlling quantities.
We also provide operational support such as JIT inventory by using our own warehouses and VMI by using overseas warehouses, and are actively engaged in environmentally friendly businesses including solvent recycling.

Environment / Robot

We deal various products including solar power generation systems, home energy storage systems that can store generated electricity and supply it when needed, industrial energy storage systems, as well as quick chargers for electric vehicles and power feeders that can return electricity back from electric vehicles to homes and facilities. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

In the field of nursing care, where demand continues to increase but a shortage of human resources is problematic, we offer solutions such as the transfer support robot "Hug," and the "Support Jacket" which reduces the workload of care workers, and eases lower back problems which have become a social issue around the world. We also propose solutions for the shortage of human resources in economic activities, such as dealing in suits that assist in various labor tasks that place a heavy burden on the human body.

We deal in products such as FUJI robots, which were designed to meet production trends such as atmospheric pressure plasma units for surface reformation and 5-axis articulated compact robots that utilize SMT mounted robot technology, as well as the NACHI robot series, which has earned an excellent reputation and trust from manufacturing sites around the world. We can meet automation needs for all kinds of production sites, including high-speed and precision work, transport of super heavy objects, and a variety of welding and assembly work.

The structural health monitoring (SHM) system determines the soundness of a building by measuring its shaking caused by an earthquake using sensors installed in the building. The SHM system that we developed jointly with aLab Inc. is beginning to become widely used, and the results of assessing building damage from earthquakes, which can be instantly determined by sensors, are expected to be utilized to ensure the safety of building owners and users, as well as for disaster prevention activities in disaster-stricken areas.