Asue Co., Ltd. was established in Osaka in 2013.

Social conditions have changed dramatically since we were established, and our lives and the services and products we use have also changed accordingly, as have the needs of society and the market.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers and business partners for their support, which has enabled us to continue to grow to the present day amidst these major changes.

The field of electronics in which we operate, as well as the fields of carbon neutrality and other social issues that are attracting attention around the world, are expected to continue to undergo rapid development and evolution with further technological innovation.

We are committed to delivering products, services, and solutions that meet diverse needs in a timely manner by leveraging our accumulated expertise and global network, and by consistently applying our ideas to the most advanced technologies of the times.

"Connecting you to a better tomorrow"

We look forward to your continued support as we take this new step forward.

President 天羽 昇次