Food & Agricultural Business

We are exploring and researching themes that will lead to the creation of new growth engines in fields other than electronics and proactively addressing "food" and "agriculture" + SDGs. We are currently focusing on three themes, and with the support of our partners, we are developing a variety of new businesses.

Functional food ingredients and additives

Pursuing new food possibilities through functional materials, ingredients, and technologies

Focusing on microalgae-extracted DHA cultivated in a clean environment, we started promotion activities in Japan. We also began marketing various amino acid products and other food additives. We also handle a variety of functional materials, including various amino acids produced by the world's leading manufacturers using the biofabrication method. In the future, we plan to develop various protein products such as jellies, gummies, confectioneries, and beverages, using whey protein derived from milk, which has high nutritional value, and adding health ingredients to it.

Agricultural Business

We are also working to promote the development of production areas and to address food loss issues.

We are working with major restaurant chains, large-scale mass merchandisers, and food-related companies to develop production areas for major crops.
We are also working to reduce waste of cut vegetables as a measure against food loss. We are also engaged in the sale of honey bees for pollen mating, which are indispensable for labor-saving and efficient pollination in horticultural crops such as strawberries, melons, and watermelons.